Why this site?

After “googling” Woodmead school recently I was saddened to discover that there was only an Alumni on Facebook and archived pages from a site originally created by Denis Woodward to be found.

Mr. Woodward listed this as the reason for creating his site, and with only a single deletion, I probably couldn’t have written it better. I hope Mr. Woodward doesn’t mind.

After almost thirty years of providing innovative education to South African secondary students, Woodmead School was closed at the end of 1998. The purpose of this Web Site is as follows:

1. To form part of a record of the history of the school for the benefit of the past school community.

2. To provide a forum for Woodmeadians – past students, teachers, parents and other friends of the school – to pass comment and to reflect upon their experiences at Woodmead.

3. To provide an opportunity for those with past connections to Woodmead to re-establish communication with old acquaintances.

4. To keep alive the spirit of a unique educational institution.