In search of Benedict Cullinan

I recently had a very welcome email from a former Woodmead teacher – Peter Hill.

Mr. Hill is looking to make contact with Benedict Cullinan – so if anybody has Benedict’s contact particulars please get in touch with me (my email appears under the “Contact Me” tab in the right-hand pane).

In brief Mr Hill now resides very happily in Guernsey and is still teaching mathematics! In his words “I have been here on Guernsey for more than ten years now, teaching mathematics, and have no plans to leave. It is a beautiful, compact and wealthy island and its attitudes and outlooks largely chime with my own. So I am happy here in most ways. Only a couple more details would make my life perfect!”

Want to reignite contact with Peter Hill? Email me using the contact particulars contained in the right-hand pane.

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