I matriculated Woodmead in 1989. That was in and of itself rather a miraculous event (but that’s a topic for another time).

So why then this website? Why are my thoughts turning back to a period which at the time I would probably have liked to forget? A “return” some 21 years later.

The short answer is probably “because I can!” Sometimes things are simply worth doing – with no logical goal or measurable outcome.

The long answer is a little more sentimental I guess.

Perhaps I’m getting “older”…or maybe I’m getting soft…

More likely it’s an acute awareness of the passing of time.

Woodmead – and its teaching and student body touched me in ways that I am unable to explain, certainly not in a few written words,  nor would I have admitted it at the time.

Yet touch me it did – and perhaps this is a small way in which I can acknowldge that and say “Thank you”.

“Thank you” to those who befriended me, “Thank you” to the teachers that put up with me (and tried their level best to get something meaningful to stick in this brain of mine). “Thank you” to an institution that allowed me freedom of expression – freedom to be.

Perhaps you feel the same way – maybe that’s how you came to be reading this website.

I welcome you to register on the site and to contribute your insights, thoughts, photo’s and memories to the site.

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Dieter Winckelmann.
Matriculated 1989.